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You've no doubt heard the buzz about the new photo element added to A9's yellow pages search, but did you hear about A9's attempt to create buzz on the OC? I mean, c'mon - "I'd him."? Seriously? Like, no way!

Lame yes, but a harbinger of a new advertising age focused on TiVo-beating in-script product placement. Now I know what your thinking, but don't worry - you'll never hear "I'd him" on the O.C. Never. EVER.

Ta-da List Permanent link to this post

Our friends over at 37signals have built another sweet application called Ta-da List. While the functionality is a subset of the list management functionality inherent in Basecamp, the tools is free for anyone to use and the lists you create are sharable. If you have Post-It notes and to-do lists cluttering your desks at work and/or at home, why not consolidate and make them available wherever you are?

Global white space reset using CSS Permanent link to this post

Now why didn't I think of the global white space reset when spending all of those hours tweaking countless CSS elements to pacify browser deficiencies? Never again!

Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam Permanent link to this post

Having just dealt with a barage of comment spam on Big Ten Drunks earlier this week, I found it ironic that the folks at Six Apart developed the Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam. While I was able to uncover and implement a number of Six Apart's suggestions (renaming the comments processor, installing MT-Blacklist, Javascript form validation, etc.) by hunting and pecking through Google query results, it looks like I've got a bit more work to do.

Gurunet + Atomica = Permanent link to this post

Gurunet (which was free), which became Atomica (which was not) has recently morphed into (which is free). I used the Gurunet client on a daily basis during its free days, and am definitely looking forward to Alt-Clicking my way to answers using their 1-Click Answers utility.

Time management templates Permanent link to this post

Who would of thought that A Million Monkey's Typing could come up with such a fine collection of time management templates? While version 1.0 is based heavily upon David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' methodologies, Doug isn't trying to limit users of his templates in any way. Way to begin with the end (user) in mind.